This is more than a stroll down the street, this is an adventure with friends at Toronto's best parks, beaches and trails!

Join the Club for a Doggone good time!

Run. Play. Fetch. Swim. Hike.

Each Day we provide a safe, loving and stimulating environment where good behaviour is reinforced and positive social interactions encouraged.

Each Adventure starts with a pickup at your home, come rain sleet or snow, by the same professional and caring walker every time. After enthusiastic hellos, your pup is whisked away to join their friends at one of Toronto's finest parks, beaches or trails (like Cherry Beach). After a full hour of fresh air, exercise and socializing, they are brought back to you happy and tired guaranteed.

All pups have access to fresh water, toys and healthy treats. And, every opportunity is taken to positively reinforce recall and good manners using attention, praise, treats and affection to reward good behaviour.

The benefits of daily Adventures are vast. At a minimum, they promote a better overall fitness level, help maintain an ideal body weight and encourage stimulating group interactions. This results in a happier, calmer, better socialized and potentially longer living pup.

Along with our daily Instagram posts full of pictures and videos, expect a text every now and then (if desired) with a little pick me up from your pup to brighten your day.

The Adventure Club

- Group Walks -

1-5 times a week @ $22
Club walks provide a fun filled hour of off-leash stimulation and exercise with ample opportunity for socialization. Your pup will run, play, fetch, swim and hike at the best parks, beaches and trails Toronto has to offer (like Cherry Beach). A club walk consists of a group adventure with up to 6 friends.

Tired pup guarantee!

With a new pup, chances are you might feel a little anxious leaving them at home all day to go work. The Belly Rub Club visits break up your pups day which helps with house training and preventing messes. Visits include going out for a potty break, feeding + changing water, belly rubs and any special request you may have.

The Belly Rub Club

- For Puppers -

Daily visit @ $22

The Club Lounge

- Homestyle Boarding -

Available to Club members only.

Prrrrrr Pals need love too!

Every home visit includes water + food refill, litter refresh and play time (if kitty’s into that). If kitty needs anything extra, such as taking meds, we can help with that as well!

The Kitty Klub

- For Prrrrrr Pals -

Daily visit @ $25
Prices subject to HST.
We Are: Insured
We Are: Pet First Aid Certified
We Are: Licensed Walkers
We Are: Experienced
We Are: Bonded
The Neighbourhoods We Service: Serving the East end of Toronto. Neighbourhoods include: Leslieville, Cabbage town, Canary District, Church & Wellesley Village, Corktown, Distillery District, East Bayfront, East Chinatown, Little India, Regent Park, Riverdale (north & south), Riverside and St-Lawrence.
You can use the below form or call/text us to set up a free meet ‘n greet. We will do our best to answer any questions you have and tell you more about the Adventure Club and our services.
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